Here is a list of new combinations.


  • Eye of Dashi + Orb of Tornami - It creates a powerful thunderstorm.
  • Mantis Flip Coin + Jetbootsu - The user can teleport.
  • Shadow of Fear + Reversing Mirror - It gives the user their greatest desire.
  • Golden Tiger Claws + Reversing Mirror - It takes the user to a parallel universe.
  • Denshi Bunny + Eye of Dashi - It makes the user a being made out of electricity.
  • Golden Finger + Reversing Mirror - It makes everyone very fast.


  • Sword of the Storm Water - It launches a hurricane.
  • Mantis Flip Coin Fire - The user flips many times, each time creating a ring of fire that is a blast.
  • Mantis Flip Coin Air - The user can now fly when using it.
  • Black Beetle Fire - The armor can blast fire.
  • Gills of Himachi Fire - The user becomes resistant to fire.
  • Woozy Shooter Air - The Woozy Shooter creates a cloud of woozy gas that rains wooziness.
  • Moonstone Locust Fire - A flaming swarm of stinging insects is sent out.

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