Return of the Monks: Part 1 is the first episode of season 4.


Omi, Kimiko, and Clay were gathered because of Raimundo. Raimundo showed up holding a cannon with a handle. A girl walked forward holding a pot with a stone venus fly trap in it. "This is Sendi, monk of plants. She will be joining us," said Raimundo. "Now, for training."

The monks walked outside. "Omi, pick a wu to fight Sendi." Omi picked one and ran forward. It was the Reversing Mirror. "Plant Blasto!" yelled Sendi. She blasted plants. The mirror sent it back. "Venus Plant Trap!" yelled Sendi. It bit the mirror and knocked it down. "Plant Blasto! Venus Plant Trap!" yelled Sendi, combining them. Giant plants covered Omi. "Sendi completed her training! She wins."

Just then, Jack appeared with some new bots. "Meet my new Attackbots!" said Jack. The bots spun forward and blasted. "Venus Plant Trap!" yelled Sendi. The fly traps bite off parts of the Attackbots, which explode. "You will regret this!" said Jack, flying away. Dojo appeared. "There's a new wu named the Wu Copier. It's one of the most powerful. It copies the abilities of other wu."

Dojo grew. The monks got on. Dojo started flying until they got to the tallest tree. Sendi jumped onto the tree and grabbed the Wu Copier. Jack grabbed it at the same time. "I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown! First one down the snowy mountain wins! My Sands of Time vs. your Plant Blasto! Gong yi tampai!" said Jack. "What snowy mountain? What's going on?" asked Sendi.

The tree slanted and turned into a snowy mountain. Sendi and Jack were on snowboards. "Cooooolll!" said Sendi. Jack started first. Sendi chased Jack and blasted the Plant Blasto. It covered Jack in plants. One of the plants grabbed the Sands of Time and gave it to Sendi. Sendi time traveled to the future.

Jack was about to win. Sendi appeared in front of Jack and he got scared, so he fell down. Sendi won. Jack was mad. "Grrrr! I'll get you one day," he said. He then got on a Helibot and flew away. "Woohoo! Good job!" chanted the other monks. "Let's test that wu out," said Omi. Sendi gave it to him. "Wu Copier!" he said, copying the Sands of Time. Just then, he revealed that he was using the Moby Morpher.

He was really Hannibal Roy Bean. He time traveled to the present, where Sendi was about to time travel to the future. Hannibal jumped on Sendi's snowboard and stole the Sands of Time. Hannibal started jumping away, but Dojo flew after him. More Coming Soon

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